Success is easy with these simple tips

Get your look with Cabot Woodcare.

Stirred, Not Shaken.

Unlike paint, stain should never be shaken, only gently stirred to avoid air bubbles.

brushing on stain

Lose the rag.

Unlike traditional oil-based "rubbing" stains, Cabot Premium Wood Finish is designed to be applied by brush alone. Using a rag or a rubbing motion will result in poor color and finish.

A good brush.

Choose any good brush for staining. Happily, Cabot Premium Wood Finish cleans up easily with water.

More, more, more.

More coats give you more color and more dimension.

Decide as you go.

Assess your piece after each coat to see if you've achieved the result you were after. For projects that don't take a lot of wear, one coat may be just fine. Others may require two or three to reach maximum color and durability.

Dry Completely - 2-1/2 hours

Dry completely.

Let each coat dry for the full 2 ½ hours before reapplying, so that additional coats will cure and harden properly.

Sand after staining

All water-based stains raise the grain a bit on first contact, so sand lightly with a fine-grit sandpaper after the first coat to restore smoothness.

More than you expect.

Cabot Competitor Cabot vs. Competitor Comparison - One, Two and Three Coats of Stain

Truer Color

See how Cabot Premium Wood Finish holds true through three coats without changing color or tone.*

More Durability

Stands up to sunlight, abrasions and common household chemicals.
Cabot Premium Wood Finish stands up to wear and tear better than the leading water-based poly topcoat.

*A comparison of Cabot Premium Wood Finish water-based stain + sealer and a competitive oil-based, one-step stain plus polyurethane product. Products were applied side by side on a single oak panel in an identical environment per package directions.