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Cabot gives you all the information you need for a professional quality job.

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Clean, Polish & Revitalize

Guardsman's signature line of products, designed to clean, nourish and enhance the natural beauty of wood finishes.

Guardsman: Ultimate Dusting Cloth Ultimate Dusting Cloth A better alternative to dusting sprays, our soft reusable dust cloth picks up dust that other dusters leave behind. The 100% cotton flannel, lint-free cloths are specially treated to trap dust to remove allergens, yet are gentle enough for scratch-free results. Learn More

Guardsman: Purifying Furniture Wood Cleaner Purifying Furniture Wood Cleaner An effective cleaner that leaves wood fresh and clean to the touch. Safe for weekly cleanups, but tough enough to remove grime, residues left by food, and films on finished and sealed wood. Learn More

Guardsman: Revitalizing Furniture Wood Polish Revitalizing Furniture Wood Polish Use regularly to enhance and preserve beauty. Use after dusting on all finished, sealed wood including furniture, cabinetry, trim, molding, and antiques. Learn More

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