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Wood Care Tips For Pros From Pros

"To eliminate lap marks when applying stain to a deck floor, stain 3 to 4 boards at a time only—end to end—for an even application and a uniform look."

— Tom Ferry, Fineline Painting

"When staining softer types of wood, such as pine or fir, seal the wood first with a pre-stain to ensure color uniformity. This also eliminates blotches."

— Casey Hedstrom, Hedstrom Decorating

"For a complete look when staining a deck floor, a good way to get in between the boards is to use a type of pump sprayer and back brush."

— Steve Jeska, Jeska Painting

"A tip to save on thinners or brush cleaners: If you know you are going to reuse the brush or roller, place them into a plastic baggie to keep them from drying out."

— Mark Olson, Marks Painting

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