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Choosing the Right Sheen

To achieve the look you want, there are several important factors to consider before choosing a stain. Color and opacity may be the first things you think about, but don't forget about sheen—the degree of gloss—or lack of gloss—you see on the finished surface.

Cabot polyurethanes are available in three levels of sheen: Gloss, Semi-gloss, and Satin. When choosing a sheen, consider all aspects of the project. In addition to thinking about the way it looks, there are some other factors to consider:

Function—Think about the use of the item you're finishing. For example, a gloss finish will transform a tired table into a bright centerpiece in a room; a satin finish is ideal for enhancing a wood's natural beauty.

Durability—In general, higher (glossier) sheens are more durable and provide greater protection.

To help you make the right choice, here's a quick overview of each sheen and its appropriate application.

Choosing a sheen:Satin Satin Description: A traditional choice for a natural appearance.
Application: Apply in high-use areas such as windowsills, floors and tabletops.

Choosing a sheen:Semi-Gloss Semi-gloss Description: The perfect combination of natural beauty and durable performance.
Application: Floors, tables and furniture, depending on the desired look you want.

Choosing a sheen:Gloss Gloss Description: The premium choice for a lustrous finish with added depth and brilliance.
Application: Floors, tables and furniture. Use when you want a glass-like reflection.

Finishing a floor? Never use furniture finishes on a floor. Due to the pounding floors take, they require finishes that are specially formulated for strength and durability, such as Cabothane Water-borne Floor Finish.

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