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Exotic Wood

Looking for something exciting and different for your siding, deck, hardwood floor or other wood project? Check out these exotic woods.

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Exotic Ipè Wood

Beautiful. Versatile. Durable. Exotic Brazilian Ipè wood offers exciting possibilities for your home's deck, as well as for siding, outdoor wood furniture and more.

Brazilian Exotic IPE Wood

Bring the beauty of the tropics to your home siding

While there are many great choices for wood siding, Ipè wood gives you a unique, beautiful and durable alternative. With exotic wood colors ranging from red-amber hues to dark brown, Ipè offers a variety of beautiful looks.

Durable and resilient

Ipè wood has the strength to match its beauty. It's an extremely dense, tight-grained exotic wood that's virtually clear from knots. And with its high rating for insect and decay resistance, Ipè offers a durability that's similar to pressure-treated woods.

Finishing IPE Wood

Australian Timber Oil helps maintain the natural look while slowing the graying process of the wood. Keep it looking beautiful with a maintenance cycle for horizontal surfaces of every 1-2 year.


Name: Ipè

Type: Tropical hardwood

Color: Red amber to dark brown

  • Variety of colors
  • Virtually clear of knots
  • Insect/decay resistance
  • Imported, higher costs
  • Must be pre-drilled
  • Longer installation times