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Looking for something exciting and different for your siding, deck, hardwood floor or other wood project? Check out these exotic woods.

Cabot Wood Stain Sample

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With its strength, flexibility, and natural good looks, spruce is a great choice for wood siding. Easy to cut and fasten, Spruce is a pleasure to work with. It also takes very well to wood treatments.

Cabot Stains wood color

Get that warm, rustic look you want with spruce

Spruce has been a popular choice on the East Coast, where it is readily available. An extremely versatile wood, Spruce can be used for a wide variety of applications, including wood siding, decks, furniture, and fences.

A wide variety of species with similar properties

White Spruce, Sitka Spruce and White Fir. While the looks will be slightly different, their benefits of versatility and relative strength are common among all species. Spruce is a popular choice for wood decks and fences in addition to siding.

Finishing Spruce

Spruce is an extremely accepting wood for coatings. Cabot Clear Solution, Australian Timber Oil, Semi-transparent, Semi-solid and PRO.V.T Solid Color Stain all work extremely well with spruce. Choose from Cabot's broad line of wood finishes to get just the appearance you want.


Name: Spruce

Type: Softwood

Color: Light and straight grained

  • Versatile, easy to work with and treat
  • Strong, stiff and tough
  • Readily available
  • Susceptible to rot
  • Must be regularly treated and sealed