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Exotic Wood

Looking for something exciting and different for your siding, deck, hardwood floor or other wood project? Check out these exotic woods.

Cabot Wood Stain Sample

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Tigerwood is strong enough to hold up to extensive foot traffic. Durable enough to resist decay and last for years. And has the natural beauty to be a focal point of any room.

Cabot Stains wood color

Strength, durability, beauty: three reasons why Tigerwood makes a wonderful wood floor

This beautiful, exotic South American wood creates some of the most beautiful floors and furniture you'll see. The name Tigerwood is derived from the dark orange color and veins within the wood, giving it a "tiger-like" appearance. The durability of Tigerwood works well for kitchen or entry way flooring.

A wide range of exotic colors and striping

With Tigerwood, you can choose from a wide range of stain colors to get the look you want. You'll find much variety in the striping, from fine lines to broad brush strokes. In addition, background colors can range from light tans to darker orange browns. All of which makes Tigerwood a beautiful choice for not only wood floors, but also for wood furniture, paneling, shutters and more.

Finishing Tigerwood

Tigerwood is naturally oily and water-repellant. Water-base finishes are the best complement for the natural oils. Cabothane Water-Borne Floor Finish and Cabot Water-borne Polyurethane highlight and protect wood while blending with the natural oils.


Name: Tigerwood

Type: Tropical hardwood

Color: Varieties of dark orange with dark veins

  • Strong and hard
  • High insect and decay resistance
  • Variety of colors and striping
  • Imported, higher costs
  • Difficult to saw properly
  • Time consuming to dry properly