Fence Ideas from Cabot Stains

One of the reasons we all love wood is that it provides so many possibilities. Take a look at these eye-opening ideas.

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When is a wood fence more than a fence?

Your wood fence can do more than provide privacy. It can also become a backdrop to a wonderful garden. Cabot Stains will add beauty and protection for years to come.

Staining Wood Fences

Beautiful flowers, a beautiful wood fence: a great combination

Your garden can extend all the way to your fence, and your fence could become a beautiful focal point.

The right step to a fence garden

One approach to building a garden against your wood fence is to use standard 4"x4" timbers to build and attach garden beds directly up against the fence. You can even stagger these beds on top of each other, for a pleasing step-garden approach.

The right wood treatment makes all the difference

Of course, a beautiful garden requires a beautiful fence. And to give your fence added protection from a garden's additional moisture, count on Cabot Waterproofing. It's just one of Cabot's full line of cleaning, staining, and protection products.

Cabot Wood Stain Colors