Flooring Ideas from Cabot Stains

One of the reasons we all love wood is that it provides so many possibilities. Take a look at these eye-opening ideas.

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A floor color you can call your own

Start designing your room from the ground up. Wood floors can add beauty and value to any home. With Cabot Stain wood care products your floors will be durable and beautiful.

Floor Stain Colors

The color for your hardwood floor

Let's face it, we all want the perfect colors in our home, especially on a focal point like hardwood floors. With Cabot's wide range of Ready Mix and custom colors, you are sure to find the exact color you like.

Keeping your custom look

When you have finished the project, keep any left over product sealed in the can. If you don't have product left, make a record of the Cabot color you used in your floor project.

Test first

When you take home your color, you'll be pleased with the final look if you can first test on a piece of scrap wood of the same species as your floor.

The beauty of wood

Remember that the beauty of wood is its natural variation. The finished appearance of wood depends of course on the stain color you use, the species of wood you are finishing, any pre-treatments you perform and how much stain you apply. Even two pieces of the same species of wood can vary in its natural color, effecting the final perception.

Floor Photo Colors:

Cabot Wood Stain Colors