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Cabot Stains Cabothane Water-borne

Cabothane Water-borne Floor Finish

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Quick Facts

  • Long-lasting protection
  • Easy-to-use, Cabothane Water-borne formula
  • Stands up to high-use areas


Cabothane Water-borne Floor Finish adds beauty and superior long-lasting protection to your wood floors. The easy-to-use, Cabothane Water-borne formula yields remarkable durability, resists moisture and stands up to marring, scuffing and wear in high-use areas.


One gallon covers up to 400-500 sq. ft. (37-46 m²) for first coat, depending upon surface porosity; 600-700 sq. ft. (56-65 m²) per gallon for subsequent coats. Do not thin.

Where to Use

Suitable for use on all types of wood flooring such as oak, pine, fir, birch, aspen, maple, cypress, mahogany and redwood. This product is ultra-fast drying, has superior hardness and durability, and no base coat is required. Do not use on plastic laminate floors or pre-finished factory wood flooring.

Preparing Your Surfaces

General: Clean and dry surface thoroughly, removing all dirt, dust, wax and wood marks. Remove gloss with sandpaper or liquid gloss remover.
New or Stained Wood: Smooth wood lightly with sandpaper. Stain, if desired, allow to dry overnight and sand lightly again. Remove sanding dust before finishing.
Painted or Varnished Wood: Remove all paint and varnish in poor condition with sandpaper or paint and varnish remover following manufacturer's instructions and safety precautions. Then, follow new wood instructions. Varnish in good condition merely needs to be clean and have the gloss dulled.


DO NOT SHAKE! Stir well before using. Before applying the finish to the entire surface, check effect by testing on an extra piece of the same wood or by applying to a hidden part of the object. Apply a uniform, thin coat using a high quality, clean polyester brush or pad applicator. Do not apply with a roller. Brush in even strokes in the direction of the wood grain. Allow to dry 2-3 hours. Sand lightly and remove all sanding dust before applying additional coats.

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