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Cabot Stains Tung Oil

Tung Oil

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Quick Facts

  • Restores finish
  • Rejuvenates wood
  • Hand-rubbed patina

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Cabot Tung Oil Finish imparts a striking hand-rubbed beauty to both bare and stained wood surfaces. The deep-penetrating formula revitalizes aged and refinished interior wood, restoring its natural beauty. For long-lasting protection, simply wipe on this premium Tung Oil Finish. Hand rub additional coats onto the surface for increased sheen and durability.


One quart covers up to 50-100 sq. ft. (4.6-9.3 m²) depending upon wood porosity. Do not thin.

Where to Use

Use on any bare or stained interior wood surface, where a natural wood look is desired. Do not apply to floors. Tung Oil is not recommended for woods already sealed with protective finish.

Preparing Your Surfaces

Apply only to bare or newly stained woods. Remove any old finishes, wax, grease or polishes. If necessary, wood should be sanded smooth in the direction of the wood grain, ending with fine (#220) grit sandpaper. Remove all sanding dust. Allow wood that has been stained with an oil-based stain to dry at least 24 hours.


This finish will have a slight amber color, and should be tested in an inconspicuous area to determine final effect. Apply liberally with a lint-free cloth or natural bristle brush in the direction of the wood grain. Allow to penetrate 5-10 minutes. Wipe off any excess Tung Oil. Allow to dry 6-8 hours. Sand lightly with fine grit sandpaper or fine steel wool and remove all sanding dust. Apply a second coat as before. A minimum of two coats is recommended. Additional coats may be applied after proper drying time, and will result in higher gloss and surface film thickness.

Cleanup and Disposal

Clean brushes and equipment with mineral spirits. Dispose of empty cans or unused portion in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Close container when not in use. Soak oily rags, lambswool, steel wool, cloths or any other material in water after use to avoid spontaneous combustion. Danger: Rags, steel wood or waste soaked with this product may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after each use, place rags, steel wool or waste in a sealed, water-filled metal container. Dispose of according to local regulations.

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