DeckCorrect by Cabot

Put a good face
on a bad deck

Problem DeckCorrect
Graying Covers evenly with beautiful color.
Splinters Safely locks down splinters.
Cracks Fills cracks to 1/4".
Stains Provides a mildew- and algae-resistant coating.
Dirt Smoothly resists dirt. Hoses clean when needed.
Worn & Tired Resists cracking and peeling for years.

DeckCorrect puts your deck back in service — easily and economically. Just roll it on like paint and get years more from your old (but structurally sound) deck.

DeckCorrect fills cracks, fixes splinters

The secret:
Polycarbonate Everbeads

Only DeckCorrect has a formula full of crack-filling, splinter-fixing Everbeads. So, DeckCorrect does a better job of restoring a safe and foot-friendly surface.

*Covers up to 75 sq. ft. in two coats, 50% more than leading national brands.

Your Best Buy!

- 75 sq. ft./gallon vs. national brand at 50 sq. ft./gallon

Less Expensive per SQ. FT.
Less Expensive per PROJECT
- Costs $0.47/sq. ft. vs. competition at $0.70/sq. ft.

4 more reasons DeckCorrect is better

Easier to Use
No special tools needed. Just roll it on like paint with a standard 3/8" roller. Others are thicker and more difficult to work with. (Not DeckCorrect!) Clean up easily with soap and water.
More comfortable underfoot
Polycarbonate EVERBEADS contribute to a skid-resistant finish that's smoother than most, so it's easier on your feet.
Stays cleaner
Because it's smoother, it actually resists dirt — unlike competitive brands. When it finally does get dirty, the dirt just hoses off.
Comes in the 51 colors of Cabot® Stain
Use DeckCorrect on hard-working, horizontal surfaces and the matching solid color acrylic stain on the verticals. So many beautiful choices!
Click here for available DeckCorrect colors.