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Nature vs. Exterior Wood Surfaces

Nature can be beautiful to behold, but brutal on exterior wood. Your deck, outdoor furniture and siding are exposed to the elements 24/7 with no relief—and they depend on you to help preserve their attractiveness and integrity. Since there are many variations in wood types, weather conditions, and unique needs, Cabot has developed a wide range of products to help keep your outdoor wood surfaces at their best.


Exterior Stain Prepping: Horizontal vs Vertical surfaces Horizontal vs. vertical Horizontal and vertical surfaces are both impacted by Mother Nature. In general, however, horizontal surfaces require a greater degree of maintenance and preventive treatment. Deck surfaces also have to deal with the impact of heavy foot traffic.

Depending on where you live, here are some of the ways nature can impact your wood:

  • DIY Exterior Prepping suggests UV-resistant stains Ultraviolet light. Over time UV light can cause fading, especially on horizontal surfaces, which are more exposed than vertical surfaces. For long-lasting protection we suggest using one of Cabot's specially formulated UV-resistant stains.
  • Nature vs. Exterior Wood Surfaces: Moisture Moisture. Raindrops, dew and melting ice roll off siding and fences quickly, so those surfaces aren't impacted as strongly as deck surfaces. Puddles on horizontal surfaces can seep into unprotected wood, where it can nourish mold and mildew.
  • Nature vs. Exterior Wood Surfaces: Temperature Shifts Temperature shifts. In cold climates, freezing puddles of water can crack wood. In warm areas, hot temperatures can dry wood, causing fading and cracking. On days of extreme temperature swings, wood expands and contracts to a greater degree, making it susceptible to cracking.

DIY Staining Prevention and maintenance Prevention and maintenance At Cabot, we're passionate about wood care. We love its beauty, resiliency and versatility. That's why we continuously study the effects of nature on wood—and why we're committed to developing products that help you maintain the attractiveness and integrity of your wood surfaces. Our wide range professional-quality products reflects that commitment. There's one for virtually every need and every type of wood.

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