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Wood Stain Pad Applicator

Wood Stain Pad Applicator
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Quick Facts

  • Adjustable handle for comfortable application
  • Designed to work with all Cabot stains
  • Reduces application time
  • Provides even coverage
  • Extension handle may be screwed into the handle of the applicator to reach high areas

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Pad application is the preferred method because it works the stain into the wood fibers and cells effectively as well as glides on the surface eliminating the need for back brushing. The result is a smooth finish that can be done faster than traditional brushing.
Pro Tip:
Be sure not to puddle or oversaturate the wood.

Application Instructions

Step 1

  • First, heavily coat the open end-grain of the board.

Step 2

  • Work 1-2 boards at a time, from one end to the other in smooth strokes.
  • To avoid lap marks, make sure that the leading edge is kept wet and that the wet stain is brushed into wet stain.

Step 3

  • Finish with a heavy coat at the open end-grain on the opposite side you started with ending as you began.

Replacement Pads

#63 Cabot Wood Stain Pad Applicator Replacement Pads also available.

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