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Cabot Stains C3 Solid Acrylic

Factory Finish C3 Solid Acrylic

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Quick Facts

  • 100% Acrylic Formula
  • Specifically formulated for cementitious siding & trim
  • Warranty up to 25 years, depending on product and application


Cabot C³™ Solid Acrylics are pigmented, 100% acrylic resin-based stains that are designed to simulate the natural look of wood when applied to fiber cement materials. C³ Solid Acrylic contain trans-oxide pigments that are ideal for fiber cement siding, shingles and trim, providing beauty and protection from the harsh exterior environment. Ultra-Violet protection is achieved by the use of trans-oxide pigments and a 100% acrylic resin formulation. C³ Solid Acrylics come with a 25-year warranty against cracking, peeling or blistering when two coats are applied by a Cabot Authorized Factory Finisher.


Approximately 200-300 sq. ft./gallon for the first coat and 300-400 sq. ft./gallon for the second coat.

Where to Use

C³ Solid Acrylics are for application on new, primed or un-primed fiber cement siding. These beautiful stains provide outstanding results on fiber cement products. The natural wood look of cedar and redwood can be achieved by using C³ Solid Acrylics on fiber cement.

Preparing Your Surfaces

The final appearance of these products will be influenced by the porosity, primer and texture of the material coated. NOTE: Color samples should be brushed out on the material to be coated for best results. Proper surface preparation is the key to maximum product performance. It is very important the surface be clean of all dirt, mildew stains, loose cement, efflorescence or other foreign matter. Surfaces must be structurally sound and dry. (Moisture content must be 15% or lower as measured on an electronic moisture meter.) In order to achieve the desired color, appearance, maximum protection and Cabot Warranty, two coats are required.


Apply evenly whether applied by flow coater, pneumatic or vacuum-style machines to all sides of a clean, dry and sound fiber cement surface. Only an Authorized Cabot Factory Finisher can apply C³ Solid Acrylics.

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