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Cabot Stains Factory Finish Low Lustre One Coat

Factory Finish Low Lustre One Coat

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Quick Facts

  • Tough, durable alkyd resin
  • No primer is necessary
  • Formulated specifically for machine application


Cabot® Low-Lustre One Coat is an oil-based product specially formulated with a tough, durable alkyd resin to provide superior performance and lasting beauty. No primer is necessary. This product, when coated on all sides, provides a durable finish offering block resistance, tremendous hiding power, and moisture resistance, thus minimizing wood warping and checking. Cabot Low-Lustre One Coat will cover like paint, yet provide primer-like properties, and long-lasting protection for new wood. It will resist extractive bleeding and moistureproblems.


Apply at 6 mils wet film thickness using a wet-film gauge. On smooth surfaces, approximately 200-250 square feet per gallon. These rates will vary depending upon the porosity of the surface.

Where to Use

Formulated specifically for machine application, Cabot Low-Lustre One Coat will provide superior performance and durability on all exterior siding and trim, including cedar, fir, mahogany and redwood. Exceptional performance can be achieved on other types of rough and smooth wood surfaces such as pine, cypress and spruce.

Preparing Your Surfaces

Proper surface preparation is the key to maximum finish performance. The durability of this product can be impaired by an unsound or poorly prepared surface. It is very important the surface be clean of all dirt, mildew stains, loose wood fibers and other foreign matter. Surfaces must be dry. (Moisture content must be 15% or lower.)


Apply only by machine application under factory-controlled conditions.

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