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Cabot Stains Problem Solver Wood Cleaner

Problem Solver® Wood Cleaner

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Quick Facts

  • Problem Solver® Wood Cleaner is an excellent deck cleaner and wood cleaner ideal for cleaning decks, siding and fences prior to staining
  • Removes dirt, algae stains and mildew stains
  • Available in ready-to-use and value concentrate formulas.

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Cabot® Ready-to-Use Problem Solver® Wood Cleaner is specially formulated to remove mildew stains, mold stains, algae stains, dirt and other foreign matter from all painted, stained, unfinished or weathered wood surfaces. Use for routine cleaning and for properly preparing all surfaces prior to staining or painting.


This ready-to-use wood and deck cleaner covers approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon (3.78 L). Concentrated formula dilutes to cover 1000 sq. ft. per gallon bottle.

Where to Use

Use on exterior wood decks, siding, fences, railings, steps and most exterior surfaces including aluminum, vinyl, plastic and masonry.

Preparing Your Surfaces

Test this product first on a small, hidden area to determine its effectiveness. Before you begin your wood cleaning project, protect your shrubs and glass surfaces by wetting them down with water and covering them in plastic. Hose off your glass frequently to prevent streaking, and hose off your shrubs when the job is done.


Apply liberally to problem surfaces. Do not apply to hot surfaces. To avoid a non-uniform appearance on vertical surfaces start at the bottom, doing a small section at a time, then continue to the top, making sure to rinse thoroughly. Let set for 15-20 minutes. Stubborn areas may require scrubbing with a stiff bristle brush. If surface begins to dry quickly, lightly mist with water.

Important: Allow cleaned surface to dry completely before staining or painting.

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