Timber Oil

One Can. Triple-Oil Protection.

3-way oil protection.

Made for the Outback, Perfect for Your Back Deck.

Superb-grade Linseed Oil

What it is
The highest-quality, most consistent and purest linseed oil available.
Why it matters
Superior penetration into wood surfaces, significantly more effective than raw or refined linseed oil; accentuates the texture and grain of the wood.

Premium Tung Oil

What it is
Derived from the tung tree nut, tung oil is a time-tested wood care ingredient.
Why it matters
Tung Oil penetrates deep into hardwood surfaces to increase water repellency. It also remains flexible and will not flake or peel over time.

Long-Oil Alkyds

What it is
A tough resin and binder in oil-based coatings.
Why it matters
Long-oil alkyds impart lasting durability to heavy-traffic surfaces and assist in dry time.

That Deck?

That's Pro.

ATO Deck Before Before
ATO Deck After After



The incredibly rich and natural color of Australian Timber Oil comes from Trans-Oxide Pigments. These earth-ground pigments provide 3-4 times the amount of U.V. protection of synthetic pigments in many traditional stains, helping to create and retain depth of color* and clarity and help prevent graying.
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